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Country: Peru
Producer: Diamante comite
Farm: Santa Rosa de la Yunga
Region: Cajamarca
Altitude: 2100 m
Process: Washed
SCA Score: 83+


Zesty lemon, creamy hazelnut, decadent chocolate, and a touch of invigorating vegetal undertones.

“An exquisite blend of citrusy brightness and natural sweetness.”

🔨 Handcrafted with your name on the package and roasted when ordered

100% Arabica



Velo de Novia is a captivating washed coffee with delightful fruity tones of lemon and chocolate, cultivated in the Santa Rosa de la Yunga terroir of the Cajamarca region, Peru. Harvested by twenty dedicated growers from the El Diamante Comité, spanning 83.5 hectares and led by Israel Vasques Contreras, this coffee is a testament to their commitment to biodiversity.

Grown under the shade amidst various plants and fruit trees, each cherry is meticulously handpicked between May and September to ensure premium quality. Following harvest, the coffee undergoes pulping and washing before a 24 to 36-hour fermentation period. Most producers opt for drying beds, though some use patios, with a minimum drying duration of 6 hours daily for 2 to 4 weeks. Origin Coffee Lab receives the coffee from the El Diamante Comité leader.

Origin Coffee Lab’s Comité system unites producers from a specific terroir, allowing easy blending of coffees of similar quality. In this Comité, each producer is individually compensated. Led by Israel Vasques Contreras, the committee includes Ariel Quispe Vargas, Melber Suarez Villoslada, Saul Suarez Terrones, Onias Guerrero Quispe, Glover Perez Hernandez, Aladino Linares Malca, Dilfredo Cieza Ruiz, Eyder Suarez Alarcon, Alexander Diaz Salazar, Winkler Guerrero Suaraez, Lucas Quispe Vargas, Jubencio Hernandez Sanchez, Malaquias Suarez Torres Derlis, Suarez Alarcon, Teofilo Alarcón Tello, Alipio Villoslada Guerrero, Wilder Suarez Alarcon, Ugo Quispe Vargas, and Nerio Quispe Vargas.

Santa Rosa de la Yunga, comprising the municipalities of Santa Rosa and La Yunga, spans 262.30 km2, with Santa Rosa as its capital at 1,249 meters above sea level. Known for its rich fauna, flora, and tourist attractions, Santa Rosa is a blend of Spanish colonial religious architecture, pre-Hispanic archaeological sites, and natural wonders like Pacuyacu Caves, Pongo de Puerto Salinas, Pongo de Rentema, Naranjales de Montango, the millenary stone of Tupay Tupana, and Baños del Inca hot springs. Situated between the high jungle (400 to 1,000 m) and the Yunga River (1,000 to 2,300 m), the climate ranges from 30°C to 20°C as you ascend the river Yunga.

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Weight 500 g



Whole beans, Coarse (French press, Cold brew), Medium coarse (Pour over, drop), Medium (Machine drip, siphon), Fine (Moka), Extra fine (Turkish coffee pot)

4 reviews for Peru – Medium roast

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  • dreamit.geral

    Very good quality

    I’m very happy with the good quality of the coffee beans you can really taste out the diferent layers of flavours. Beside the quality of the coffee i really have tou point out the really friendly staff at Aplaca! Thwy really make it pleasent to buy my coffe here! Thanks a lot!

    October 2, 2023
    Verified Review
  • João Horta

    September 13, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Carlos Martins

    Bastante aromático e muito alinhado

    June 25, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Tito

    Should refer on the site that this is arabica

    June 10, 2023
    Verified Review

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