Ecuador – Medium roast [Limited Edition]


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About this coffee

Country: Ecuador
Producer: APEOSAE
Farm: Vilcabamba
Region: Vilcabamba
Altitude: 1500 m
Process: Washed
SCA Score: 84

No certification but it has organic origins

Mild, highly aromatic, balanced, fruity coffee with complex flavor notes of berries, caramel, and chocolate.

“A smooth and very fruity coffee, well balanced, with powerful and complex aromas.”

Handcrafted with your name on the package and roasted when ordered

100% Arabica



Nestled in the Vilcabamba Valley, famously dubbed “The Valley of the Centenarians,” a unique blend of factors contributes to the remarkable longevity of its residents. Whether it’s the temperate climate, the pure mountain water, or the serene pace of life, the secret remains elusive.

APEOSAE, an association of producers in San Pedro de Vilcabamba, adds another layer to this narrative. Their focus extends beyond coffee cultivation to the art of crafting organic fertilizers. With a repertoire of over 10 recipes, these fertilizers and infusions not only nourish the soil but also act as remedies, fortifying the coffee plants. This commitment to using exclusively natural and organic inputs sets a distinctive tone in their agricultural practices.

The renown of Vilcabamba coffee echoes the robust reputation of its inhabitants. Cultivated through agroforestry methods, where coffee plants thrive in the shade of diverse trees like mango, avocado, banana, guava, and balsa, this coffee transcends the ordinary. The agricultural pursuits of local farmers extend beyond coffee to include an array of fruits, legumes, and even cattle.

In the realm of coffee varieties, Vilcabamba boasts typica, caturra, pacas, and bourbon, each contributing to the complex flavor profile. It’s a mild yet highly aromatic coffee, celebrated globally among coffee connoisseurs.

Though not bearing the certified organic (BIO) label due to modest production volumes, the commitment to agroecological principles is unwavering.

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Weight 500 g


1 review for Ecuador – Medium roast [Limited Edition]

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  • JP

    João Pereira

    A perfect balance of sweetness and fruitiness

    Somehow this coffee strikes the perfect balance between the sweetness from the chocolate and caramel and the fruitiness and freshness from the berries!

    It definitely deserves an order! So, but so good!

    November 29, 2023
    Verified Review

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