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Nestled in the Vilcabamba Valley, famously dubbed “The Valley of the Centenarians,” a unique blend of factors contributes to the remarkable longevity of its residents. Whether it’s the temperate climate, the pure mountain water, or the serene pace of life, the secret remains elusive.

APEOSAE, an association of producers in San Pedro de Vilcabamba, adds another layer to this narrative. Their focus extends beyond coffee cultivation to the art of crafting organic fertilizers. With a repertoire of over 10 recipes, these fertilizers and infusions not only nourish the soil but also act as remedies, fortifying the coffee plants. This commitment to using exclusively natural and organic inputs sets a distinctive tone in their agricultural practices.

The renown of Vilcabamba coffee echoes the robust reputation of its inhabitants. Cultivated through agroforestry methods, where coffee plants thrive in the shade of diverse trees like mango, avocado, banana, guava, and balsa, this coffee transcends the ordinary. The agricultural pursuits of local farmers extend beyond coffee to include an array of fruits, legumes, and even cattle.

In the realm of coffee varieties, Vilcabamba boasts typica, caturra, pacas, and bourbon, each contributing to the complex flavor profile. It’s a mild yet highly aromatic coffee, celebrated globally among coffee connoisseurs.

Though not bearing the certified organic (BIO) label due to modest production volumes, the commitment to agroecological principles is unwavering.

This selection comes from small farms nestled in the heart of the country, just south of Mount Kenya, within the elevated plateaus of the Kiambu appellation. These plots boast altitudes reaching up to 1,900 meters.

The majority of Kenyan coffee producers are smallholders, with two-thirds owning approximately 300 shrubs on average, yielding between 1,000 and 1,500 kg of cherries annually. The remaining third consists of estate or micro-estate owners, all of whom collaborate within cooperative networks.

After harvesting their cherries, the producers deliver them to cooperatives for processing. Notably, Kenya boasts a distinct approach to preparing its green coffee, having inherited one of the most effective methods for cup quality enhancement from the British. This process, known as “Kenyan washing” or “double washing,” is considered a national specialty.

The unique preparation technique, coupled with specific local varieties (SL28, SL34, Batian, Ruiru 11) developed for their adaptability to the Kenyan terroir, has solidified the country’s position among the world’s most prestigious specialty coffee destinations. For years, Kenya has been producing coffees with a remarkable, bright acidity. Despite its undeniable advantages, the method does pose an environmental challenge regarding sustainable water management.

Velo de Novia is a captivating washed coffee with delightful fruity tones of lemon and chocolate, cultivated in the Santa Rosa de la Yunga terroir of the Cajamarca region, Peru. Harvested by twenty dedicated growers from the El Diamante Comité, spanning 83.5 hectares and led by Israel Vasques Contreras, this coffee is a testament to their commitment to biodiversity.

Grown under the shade amidst various plants and fruit trees, each cherry is meticulously handpicked between May and September to ensure premium quality. Following harvest, the coffee undergoes pulping and washing before a 24 to 36-hour fermentation period. Most producers opt for drying beds, though some use patios, with a minimum drying duration of 6 hours daily for 2 to 4 weeks. Origin Coffee Lab receives the coffee from the El Diamante Comité leader.

Origin Coffee Lab’s Comité system unites producers from a specific terroir, allowing easy blending of coffees of similar quality. In this Comité, each producer is individually compensated. Led by Israel Vasques Contreras, the committee includes Ariel Quispe Vargas, Melber Suarez Villoslada, Saul Suarez Terrones, Onias Guerrero Quispe, Glover Perez Hernandez, Aladino Linares Malca, Dilfredo Cieza Ruiz, Eyder Suarez Alarcon, Alexander Diaz Salazar, Winkler Guerrero Suaraez, Lucas Quispe Vargas, Jubencio Hernandez Sanchez, Malaquias Suarez Torres Derlis, Suarez Alarcon, Teofilo Alarcón Tello, Alipio Villoslada Guerrero, Wilder Suarez Alarcon, Ugo Quispe Vargas, and Nerio Quispe Vargas.

Santa Rosa de la Yunga, comprising the municipalities of Santa Rosa and La Yunga, spans 262.30 km2, with Santa Rosa as its capital at 1,249 meters above sea level. Known for its rich fauna, flora, and tourist attractions, Santa Rosa is a blend of Spanish colonial religious architecture, pre-Hispanic archaeological sites, and natural wonders like Pacuyacu Caves, Pongo de Puerto Salinas, Pongo de Rentema, Naranjales de Montango, the millenary stone of Tupay Tupana, and Baños del Inca hot springs. Situated between the high jungle (400 to 1,000 m) and the Yunga River (1,000 to 2,300 m), the climate ranges from 30°C to 20°C as you ascend the river Yunga.

Santa Maria, a groundbreaking coffee project led by Mildred Daza, is a testament to women’s empowerment in the coffee industry. Situated in Santander near Aratoca, this initiative comprises six farms and embodies a commitment to organic coffee cultivation. Mildred, wife of La Pradera owner Oscar Daza, oversees the project, ensuring it meets the highest standards of Rainforest, organic, Manos de Mujeres, and Bird Friendly certifications.

Situated 1700 meters above sea level, Santa Maria cultivates various coffee varieties, and its unique agroforestry practices contribute to its rich flavors. Mildred, alongside Alba and Luz, manages the entire coffee production process, emphasizing quality and sustainability.

Beyond coffee, Santa Maria’s story is one of female strength and leadership. Andrea, Mildred’s niece, is being prepared to continue this legacy. The project’s vision extends beyond coffee cultivation; it’s about creating a lasting impact, promoting autonomy, and fostering sustainable practices in the industry.

Nestled in the heart of Campos Altos, in the enchanting region of West Minas Gerais, lies a family-owned farm, Canta Galo. While not yet officially certified like the renowned Cerrado, coffee thrives amidst unique terroir and microclimates. Situated at the edge of the Atlantic Forest, where it meets the Cerrado Mineiro, and near the famed Serra da Canastra (known for its incredible cheese), we call this place “the gateway to the Cerrado.”

At an average altitude of 1200m,  coffee cherries undergo a slow and careful maturation process, shielded from the winds by a towering stone wall. Here, the cherries bask in the sun’s direct rays only until 3:30 pm during harvest, which extends the drying period and intensifies their flavors.


Looking for a unique coffee experience? Try one of our five origin options: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Kenya. Each one offers its own distinct flavor profile and character.

If you’re a fan of nutty and chocolatey flavors with a balanced acidity, our Colombian coffee is the perfect choice. For those who prefer a more floral and sweet taste with notes of citrus and chocolate, our Peruvian coffee is a great option. And if you’re looking for something with a bold and fruity flavor, our Kenyan coffee is sure to please.

So why settle for one when you can try all three and discover your new favorite?


100% Arabica

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 10 × 15 × 20 cm

Peru, Brazil, Kenya, Colombia, Ecuador, Ecuador/Peru Blend, Colombia/Brazil Blend, Peru/Brazil Blend


Light, Medium, Dark


Whole beans, Coarse (French press, Cold brew), Medium coarse (Pour over, drop), Medium (Machine drip, siphon), Fine (Moka), Extra fine (Turkish coffee pot)

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    Perfect as always!

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    The coffee is great and overall fantastic service. 🙂

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