Beyond the Bean: The Truth About SCA Scores and What They Really Tell Us

Hello, coffee enthusiasts! Today at Alpaca Coffee Roasters, we’re brewing up a topic that’s as rich and complex as a perfectly roasted bean – the world of SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) scores. You’ve seen them, those impressive numbers often flaunted by coffee shops and roasters, but what do they really mean? Are they the ultimate measure of your morning cup’s worth? Let’s grind down the details.

The SCA Score: A Quick Espresso Shot of Knowledge

First things first, let’s demystify the SCA score. Simply put, it’s a rating out of 100, assigned by trained experts who assess a coffee’s various attributes like aroma, flavor, aftertaste, acidity, body, and balance. The higher the score, the better the quality – or so it seems. But here’s where things get steamy.

Inflated Scores: A Bitter Reality in the Coffee World

In our journey through the coffee lands, we’ve noticed a trend. Some shops and roasters are a bit too generous with their SCA scores. It’s like adding too much sugar to your coffee – it overshadows the true essence. These elevated scores are often flaunted without sustainable proof, turning the SCA rating into more of a marketing tool than a genuine indicator of quality.

Why the Fuss Over Numbers? The Human Touch in Coffee Tasting

Now, don’t get us wrong. The SCA scores are a useful guide, but they’re not the be-all and end-all. Coffee tasting is subjective, and what might be a 90 to one person could be an 85 to another. Plus, these scores don’t always capture the story behind the bean – the care of the farmers, the sustainable practices, the journey from crop to cup.

Our Approach at Alpaca Coffee Roasters: Honesty and Quality Over Scores

We believe in transparency and honesty over impressive but empty numbers. We focus on the quality of our beans, the ethics of our sourcing, and the love we pour into every roast. Yes, we use SCA scores, but we use them as one of many tools to evaluate our coffee, not as the sole judge and jury. You can even see how most of our coffees are rated 83-84, we do not give much importance to SCA scores when choosing a new coffee to sell.

Conclusion: Sip the Story, Not Just the Score

Next time you pick a coffee, look beyond the score. Ask about the origin, the farmers, and the roasting process. Savor the story. After all, the best coffee isn’t just about high scores; it’s about high standards, sustainability, and a whole lot of heart.

Stay grounded, coffee lovers!

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